Mission in Motion

Twenty of us transitioned quite easily through the Calgary Airport, US customs and Ecuadorian Passport control and customs. Only real bump was the “landing in Quito”. I think the pilot forgot to lower the landing gear. The plane belly flopped onto the run way then came to a complete stop in approximately 10 feet. Even the most rotund passengers were sliding off their seats.

We transferred to a “hosteria” about 20 minutes from the airport. My colleagues sitting close to the front said there was a dead guy lying behind the drivers and passenger seat and the first reverse facing bench seat. I couldn’t see or smell such person but did notice the driver looked like she was 13 years old. We were winding through the slums and going down alleys. We all thought we had been abducted but were all slightly too tired to spring into any potentially life saving plan. Surprisingly we ended up at a quaint little hosteleria. Which is different from hosteria. The difference is the amount of people in one room. Now for those who know me well… or at all, you know that I like my privacy and don’t enjoy sharing rooms with anyone, other than my ever loving. I was with 5 others, 2 of which were female. Got to know the new male team members quickly. Well, not that well as we had 3 hours in the room before journeying back to the airport. Between coughing, snoring, dogs barking I managed about an hour sleep. Great way to start the mission, all bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Cheers from Tanya’s iPhon

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One thought on “Mission in Motion

  1. Kella

    Glad you got here safe and sound…although exhausted! Hope a bit better routine happens soon! love, K

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