Colonial Cuenca

Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia

I had forgotten how beautiful Cuenca is. Perhaps because on the last trips I typically stayed in the hospital until night fall.

Yesterday Kathy, Jeanine- my Physio counterpart and I left the hospital at 3, and toodled around Cuenca. We went into a beautiful old cathedral that had its original wooden floors. We went to the artesenal market and flower market. The city has several rivers running through it and the architecture is colonial and beautiful. There is a lot of festivities (music, markets, fireworks) as the city is celebrating its 500th birthday!

At assessment clinic Ariana, one of my favorite patients ever from 5 years ago came to clinic. It is amazing to me that she and her mother remember my name. Ariana is doing extremely well and was happy to tell me she has a boyfriend.

Eleven surgeries were completed our first two days. Pedro, 18 years old, did super with his Physio and was sent home already. Today 9 surgeries are in the works. Our youngest patient so far is 14, the oldest 72. The 72 year old lady has the flattest affect ever. She did not smile or respond to any of my charming ways. At first I thought she had died, but I could see her chest rise and fall. Then I thought she was sleeping with her eyes open, but she did actually follow a few instructions (not as enthusiastically as Carlos a sweet 14 year old who jokes with me the entire time we do his exercises).

As my friend Frank says, ” the hips don’t lie!” The xray photo is typical of what we are seeing in clinic.  In some patients, their femoral heads are completely flattened and sitting up at the iliac crest instead of the socket. I don’t know how they function day to day.

Signing off with 2 happy and healthy hips.

Cheers from Tanya’s iPhone

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One thought on “Colonial Cuenca

  1. Kella

    Love the photo. 🙂 Glad things seem to be going along well, and that you had some time to just poke about a bit. At least the sweet teenagers are balancing our the grumpy old people. Hope you’re being able to take care of you. 🙂 Love, K

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