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New York City, May 16-20, 2013

When Bevan and I were dating we thought it would be a lot of fun to go to NYC. Actually I remember Bevan saying that it would be great – but we would each NEED about $10,000 to spend on clothes for the weekend. That is probably the day I fell in love with him. We have both been to NYC, never together, and never with $10,000 to spend shopping. I am happy to report that after 15 years  of dreaming about it, we  FINALLY made it to NYC together (without the $20,000 mind you!)

NYC was fabulous! I love the tall buildings. I love the diversity of people. I love the different neighbourhoods that each have their own flavour and personality. I love that every designer has their own dedicated store. I love the vast choice of broadway shows, museums, and restaurants. I love the energy. I love the hustle and bustle. But mostly I love the people. I found everyone helpful and friendly – whether  in a nice hotel, a ma and pa coffee shop, a young hip beautiful couple waiting in line beside us, sales people, or the person I ask for directions in the subway – everyone was friendly, polite and helpful. The rumour that New Yorkers are not friendly simply is false. Even a man riding his bike in a bikini took time out of his busy day to interact. (Kinda sad that an old man is cycling around NYC in a girls bikini in search of tips/tourists taking photos for cash/ being treated like a weirdo. Is it wrong to be jealous that he looks better in a bikini that I do??)


And yes – I did say ‘subway’. Although I love all sorts of travel methods (planes, bike, boats, cars, camels) I have a severe dislike, perhaps phobia, of subways. Firstly they are underground – that is just wrong. They are crowded. They are dirty. They are filled with freaks, flashers and felons. But I put my fears aside, as Peter, the owner of El Refugio in the Cloud Forest in Ecuador, whom I met last month, was in Brooklyn. Peter and his lovely partner, Janice, met Bevan and I at the subway station and took us on a short walking tour of Brooklyn. There is so much history there and the town homes and architecture are amazing. Although it was raining, we could see across the water to a foggy Manhattan and foggy Statue of Liberty. I would love to return on a warmer, sunnier day and toodle around more.We went to a local restaurant for brunch – the food and energy of the place was only surpassed by our wonderful conversation with our hosts.

We did hit broadway – although it was not the most elegant and spectacular production ever made. We went to Rock of Ages. It was a lot of fun and the loud 80’s Rock and Roll made me feel like making my hair really big again and pulling out the shoulder pads from storage. (Sad to say that neon is actually back in style!)

We stayed at a fantastic hotel on 5th Avenue. (Langham Place). Bevan treated us to a suite – which had a fantastic view of the city from the living room, and the lights of the Chrysler building could be seen from the window in the bedroom. The service was amazing at the hotel and the staff went above and beyond. As I mentioned – it is on 5th Ave – which is a great location for shopping – and not far from the quaint “Meat Packing District” which also has lots of shopping. I am now personal friends with Tory Burch and Trina Turk. Bevan is on a first name basis with Cole Haan.

Modes of Transportation taken besides the subway: Maserati, Bicycle Tuk Tuk, and NYC cab.  Costs: Free/$12/ $127 for 7 blocks…..can you guess which one cost what????

photo 3971931046_96d3558c081 taxis-480

The cab rides we took averaged around $12, the Maserati was free – even to other neighbourhoods (complimentary of the hotel!) and the Bicycle Tuk which drove us home 7 blocks to our hotel cost $127!!! Our mistake for not asking first. We weren’t sure if this was the true cost or if we had been “Shanghai-ed”. Either way, it was all fun!

We had a great time – can’t wait to go back. I hope to join my two crazy sister-in-laws and my Mom-in-law in September – a late celebration of Marilee’s birthday. The 4 of us travelled to Thailand together for Marilee’s 65th birthday. Tonya’s blog is linked on mine (Survivor Thailand: Frizzell edition).  I re-read it recently and really enjoyed Tonya’s humour. It is funny – however, at the time, I didn’t think it was. Although I found Ton’s portrayals of Kim, Marilee and herself to be EXTREMELY accurate, I was quite hurt and insulted with her portrayal of me. Reading it now – I laugh. Boy she had me pegged….although I am sure I never, never said “I can’t simply stay in anything less that 3 star…”….I really can’t imagine saying something so absurd. I am sure I said 4 star!! Fingers crossed that I can join these great women – I feel honoured to be considered a part of the Frizzell’s Girls Club!

When I win the lottery – I am moving to NYC (well, not in the summer when it is too humid…or in the winter when it is cold…….


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