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Halifax, June 4-9, 2013

Often when preparing for a trip I need to get immunizations,  learn a few new words in the language of my destination, or do a currency exchange. I sure didn’t think any of these would be necessary traveling within my own country. In retrospect, I should have purchased and studied the Nova Scotia dictionary! The following may be helpful in reading the rest of this post which is written with nuances of Nova Scotian.

Muckle:  I was afraid so I muckled on to his arm. (to grasp firmly)

That’s just NOT right.  (It is really excellent!)

Last week my friend come over to my house. (Last week my friend came over to my house).

All raged up. (I am very angry)

Right…. I am right tired (very)

The purpose of our trip was to visit Kim and Shawn – and Boston – their 5 year old English Bulldog who just starred in the musical “Legally Blonde”. I was happy to see that Boston’s fame did not go to his head. (Although his head is a little big – probably just genetics.) Boston pictured below – looks like he is smoking but he had just been right nasty with his stuffy toy.


Kim and Shawn have made a lovely home for themselves and they were the perfect hosts. Shawn made some seafood chowder that just wasn’t right!!  And it went perfectly with Kim’s beer bread which was right tasty. This meal was worth the trip alone. I’m glad I come there.

Kim took a couple of days off to play tour guide and visit. She said she knew of a great shoe store in Mahone Bay so I muckled onto her. En route to Mahone Bay we drove by Peggy’s Cove. Now those familiar with the area may say, “wait a second, Peggy’s Cove is NOT on the way to Mahone Bay”…let’s just say that even though Kim is Bevan’s sister, she and I have the same navigation skill gene! It was a beautiful day – beautiful scenery, lunch on the waterfront, and toodling around artsy stores. I rode shotgun so the boys got the backseat.


During our road trip I was so excited when I saw a light brown baby bear walking along a driveway. I shouted out “baby bear” so loud that I almost made Kimmy lose control of the car! Sadly by the time everyone recovered from my yelling  and the oncoming traffic cleared, the bear had left and there was a pit bull in its place. Kim and Bevan had quite the chuckle – but in my mind’s eye – I saw the bear. It was so cute – about the size of a dog.

The next day we hung out in Halifax along the Harbour front- enjoyed the sun, some great Nova Scotian wine (truly and surprisingly) and toured down town. What a beautiful city. Later, after Shawn got off work we come over to Tracy and Deana’s home for a visit.

By the time the weekend came  around – so did heavy rains. Poor Shawn missed all the nice weather while he was working. The weekend was great –  went for a drive, had a wonderful feast, and Tracey and Deana come over for contact Pictionary, some beverages and some dancing!  Sunday – we tearfully said goodbye to our wonderful hosts, and headed back home to Alberta.

Other things I experienced in Nova Scotia:

-riding a ferry across the harbour from Halifax to Dartsmouth

-“sideways rain”

-shopping at Super Store and Joe Fresh

-being in the fringe of a hurricane (thanks Florida for sharing!)

-partying like a Maritimer (28 bottles of beer, 3 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of rum) – 6 people.  Just saying, that Bevan and I were NOT hung over the next morning. Perhaps it was the super chowder we ate…. Or perhaps we didn’t drink our fair share?

-disturbed sleep due to a right  loud snoring  by a FAMOUS bulldog  in the next room

-Kim’s expert navigational skills

-the worst driver’s in a developed country. We expect poor driving in undeveloped countries but never in a country where taking a test prior to getting a license is required. We had cars flying at us from all angles.  Kim got right raged up but expertly avoided several near death collisions.

-learned more about the stresses of Shawn’s work – he is a patient man! Trying to keep his staff working is like herding cats.

-the best seafood chowder ever!  Thanks Shawn!

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