Samsonite or Shuffleboard?

In March I travelled back to Argentina – this time with my neighbour and my brand new black Samsonite in tow. I typically load up my large well used cases by  Briggs & Riley, Rimowa and Zero Haliburton  (which is a tank -weighs 20 pounds empty!) However, seeing as the trip was only 10 days long and I had kept most of my summer clothes in Argentina, I thought I would only need a moderate size case. The man at the luggage store convinced me to buy a hard case Samsonite – light weight and extremely reasonably priced!!!

I don’t have too many stories about Carolyne and my trip to Cafayate – as most of you have heard enough stories about Cafayate. Of course there were the usual little tests such as my car not starting although it has a brand new battery, and then being locked out of the house as the inside key was in the door and not allowing my key in. Not the best welcome after travelling for 35 hours! We had someone call Edith (our fantastic house keeper) to see if she could come with another key, while we had a beautiful lunch at the golf course. When we finally got into the house we found beautiful flower arrangements in almost every single room of the house – thanks to our wonderful Edith. Later that night I felt horrible for having Edith run back to the house with the key – totally unnecessary seeing as I found the door to the den open that evening. (I don’t mean unlocked, I mean sitting 6 inches ajar!)

In Cafayate we walked, talked, met up with some neighbours, and had some wonderful meals and talks.  However, Carolyne and others relentlessly made fun of my flashlight as apparently it looks like an adult toy. I will not say more.

After spending a day and a half in Buenos Aires, Carolyne and I jumped into the mini-van taxi along with our 5 pieces of luggage. (I brought one of the big boys back from Cafayate filled with some summer clothes, pottery, and wine for Carolyne’s hubby).We were enjoying the sights as we headed through downtown towards the freeway. As we took off from one very busy intersection I felt a little breeze and looked behind me. The back hatch of the van was open and my big Briggs and Riley case was blocking about 3 lanes of traffic, Carolyne’s little roller bag was cringing in front of a few taxis and my brand new black Samsonite was flying through the intersection and down the street that we had just recently passed. Wow – that thing can slide- just like a rock on a shuffleboard!  I panicked – things ran through my head – such as I hope a motorcyclist doesn’t wipe himself out on our bags and more importantly, “what shoes are in my bags that may potentially be gone forever”? I kept reaching for the door handle to go get our bags but Carolyne advised me not to as I may get killed by the 8 lanes of traffic weaving and winding their way around our luggage and our taxi van parked without any flashers on. Luckily our driver came to the rescue of our  luggage. He “ran” out into the traffic – becoming yet another obstacle for other drivers to avoid. He somehow managed to lift both of my heavy bags in one hand and Caro’s little bag in the other and get them and himself back into the van without incident. I asked in Spanish if he was okay. Had he hurt his back, etc. For the next 15 minutes I monitored his respiratory rate as I was sure he may go into cardiac arrest. I am sure this is more exercise than he has had in years. He was 300 pounds if he was a pound! Luckily, by the time we got to the freeway his respirations were  back to a normal rate. I started giggling. I couldn’t stop. Carolyne was surprised that I thought this event was funny – which I did – seeing that no person or piece of luggage had been hurt – and the more she thought I was weird for finding it amusing, the more I laughed! She thought I was crazy…..she may be right!

Amazingly, we had no flight delays or flight cancelations on our way home. We arrived safely back to Winter, also known as Calgary, and were happy to find that the wine and pottery had survived their fall and slide along the street of Buenos Aires.


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One thought on “Samsonite or Shuffleboard?

  1. Marilee

    Your earlier comment “that sometimes weird things happen” continues! Your memories are unique!

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