Camping near Caroline, AB, July 4-6, 2014.

Camping is not for wimps.

I am known to be a little wimpy when it comes to leaving the comforts of home at night – during the day – I am fine with getting a little dirty or uncomfy – but I like a clean bathroom, warm shower, jacuzzi tub, and pillow top mattress. Well, I camped at my friend Kella’s property near Caroline this weekend and had a fantastic time!

Kella’s property is approximately an hour and 20  minutes from the north end of Calgary. It is a beautiful drive – often one does not appreciate the beauty in their backyard, for instance while driving out there I know I would have asked Kella to stop a few times to take photos if we were travelling through a foreign land. There were beautiful fields of yellow (canola), a row of silver quonsets, camel coloured cows with their babies, tiny town with its ol’ western pub and pick up trucks. Very familiar and very foreign!

Cute little country church

Cute little country church

photo 2

Country Roads……












After a bit of lawn care, we had a BBQ, glass of wine (yes, only glass), bonfire and good conversation. The weather was perfect. The mosquitos were annoying, but otherwise things were perfect. (other than the outhouse….which is an eco compost toilet that to my pleasant surprise/shock  did not stink at all…..until the next day after 4 more people came).



Things I learned or rediscovered:

1) I like riding a tractor mower – it is fun!

Toot Toot











2) Just because the wine has a picture of a cute ladybug doesn’t mean it will be a yummy, smooth, full body wine….especially at $20. (sorry for bringing such crap Kella)….however, drinking less made trips to the outhouse less frequent!

3) Do not sit too close to the fire with your flip-flops – they will melt!!!

4) Kella’s camper-trailer-house thingy is quite spacious.Not an inch of space is wasted. It made me realize that you really don’t need very much room to live in. My house seemed enormous when I got home. Maybe too big?? But hey – in a small place where would I put the 5 indoor toilets???

5) No matter how great an outhouse is – it is kept outdoors for a reason.



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One thought on “Camping near Caroline, AB, July 4-6, 2014.

  1. I would say you had a good time and definitely good to enjoy the country, even when traveling. but it does mean stopping to take pictures. Did you manage to sleep OK?
    Great picture of you on the ridem’ tractor!
    And i see you were up later, getting this blog off. It
    And now back home to summer. We had quite a Thunder Storm this evening but I think it gone..much calmer out there.
    Love Marilee

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