British Columbia Road Trip. August 16- September 1, 2014.

Keeping a surprise, especially from Bevan, is very hard work for me. I was really put to the test this past summer. I ordered a car for Bevan as a surprise. It was supposed to be here in June, then July, then for sure at the beginning of August. Thinking that the car would be here for August, I had convinced Bevan that we should drive vs fly to BC as I knew he would want to take his new car. I was dying as the delivery date kept being delayed. We were leaving on Saturday morning and the car finally arrived on Thursday! I picked the car up on Friday and couldn’t wait for Bevan to come home. I strategically parked my SUV so that it blocked both entrances to the garage. I waited and waited in the garage for him. I heard his car pull up – I was sure that the surprise would be ruined as I thought he would be able to hear my heart beating as he approached the door! As he came into the garage he could see something out of the corner of his eye. “What the hell is going on here???” was about all he could manage to say for a few minutes. I was so excited that I pulled the surprise off!! We drove to Bragg Creek for supper and then came home and finished getting ready for the road trip. In the morning, I could hear some odd noise coming from the garage….it was Bevan – in the garage- vacuuming the floor mats!! (it gets worse – he was doing so in his underwear!) I told him if he was going to be a freak with the car that I would return it. He has been a lot better since! I think I have even seen it dirty a few times.

"Surprise!" (He may have been more surprised if I had cleaned the garage!)

“Surprise!” (He may have been more surprised if I had cleaned the garage!)










The road trip was a lot of fun. We couldn’t drive too crazy as the engine break-in period states not to drive for prolonged periods over 160km/hr for the first 2000km.

Our first stop was Rockwater Secret Cove Resort  on the Sunshine Coast. We met our friends Sabri and John there. The resort was great – we stayed in “tents” over looking the water. (tents have indoor plumbing, including a jacuzzi tub) We enjoyed hiking, canoeing and exploring local restaurants.

Our Tent

Our Tent











Boys will be boys.

Boys will be boys.











After “camping” Bevan and I went to Whistler. I was surprised at how busy it was in the summer but Whistler is also a famous biking destination. We hiked, rode the Peak to Peak Gondola, and did a Vodka tasting – in an ice room.

We spent the last portion of our trip on Vancouver Island – visiting 2 sets of friends. We had such a great time seeing where they live, visiting, playing tennis, drinking wine, eating great food – but really the highlight was visiting our dear friends in their homes. We were sad when they left Calgary behind, but really cannot blame them at all. Vancouver Island is amazing.

Ice Room Vodka tasting in Whistler.

Ice Room Vodka tasting in Whistler.

What I learned:

1) Vodka is gross – even award winning vodkas – even while wearing a trendy parka.

2) I can still surprise my husband.

3) It is fun to drive 180km/hr on newly paved, super quiet BC highways.

4) I want to live on Vancouver Island!

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