New York, New York. September 24-28, 2014.

New York – always wonderful – always something new to see and do. This time – we stayed in the Lower East End. I liked it – but think I am more of a Soho or Midtown girl. The first night a procession of  approximately 20 police cars, 3 ambulances, 6 black suburbans, 5 fire trucks – and  the presidential limousine passed by us. Obama was in town for the summit meetings. I was hoping that the limo would  stop and Obama and Michelle would join us for supper…then Michelle would invite me to spend the next day shopping with her….but sadly this didn’t happen.

However, when Bevan, Sabri, John and I  were shopping in Soho the next day, we were in a men’s store and this tall, dark, handsome man was trying on a very elegant, cashmere winter dress coat. He was eyeing himself up and down in the mirror with great admiration. I admit – it looked great – other than his summer flip flops. So of course, I made some “helpful” comment to him about foot wear to go with his coat and we started to chat. As I was walking away to find my shopping pals, I hear “Bevan?” coming from this tall, dark stranger! Apparently the young man used to be one of Bevan’s residents. Small world.

We decided to go to one play – I think it was called “It’s Only a  Play”. It had one of my favourite actors in it; Nathan Lane  (Also in the play were Mathew Broderick and Megan Mullally). The play was okay, although I must admit that I enjoyed watching Nathan Lane more than I enjoyed the actual play itself. He is such a wonderful character actor. At intermission, we found a quiet corner near the front of the venue. Sarah Jessica Parker walked right by us – wearing jeans, and of course high heels. Boy is she ever tiny.

Great Friends at the Russian Tea Room.

Great Friends at the Russian Tea Room.

After the play we went to the iconic Russian Tea Room – with friends Sabri, John, Kim and Dave. We had so much fun – lots of laughs. We were practically the only people in the entire place – we felt like the Russian mob was going to come in at any time and start shooting up the place. (I watch too much tv). We acted appropriately for the Russian tea room: we drank champagne and vodka,  and ate caviar and beef stroganoff. We also were able to comment on our friends debut of his newly purchased monocle. Yes, monocle.

Another surprise – I was talked into riding the subway several times. The photo of me is on our first ride. It was not crowded and I only had mild anxiety. The other times were more crowded – I felt very anxious – subways smell, are crowded, and full of weirdos. I always say – they are kept underground for a reason. We are not subterranean for a reason people!

I'm more stressed than I look.

I’m more stressed than I look.








Things I learned:

1) My friend looks like “Mr. Peanut” when he wears a monocle.

2) I won’t die if I ride a subway (yet).

3) My Calgary friends are just as fun  in NYC as they are in Calgary.

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