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Seaside, Denmark. September 23-26

Seeing as the weather in Europe is usually amazing in September, I thought it would be a great idea to travel to the seaside for a few days to enjoy the sunshine and the beach.  Whenever we were asked where we were heading after Copenhagen, we would stumble and stutter a bit, then say “in the North, T-i-s-v-i-l-d-e-l-e-j-e…” the Danes would look excited and say, “Oh, you are going to (something incomprehensible), it’s beautiful there”.

Beautiful it was. Warm it was not! We stayed at a beautiful old house that has been made into a small boutique hotel.

It was cool and very windy, we were even in a HAIRricane (as my brother-in-law Cal called it after seeing the photo below). At one point my hair was actually standing straight up!


We didn’t let the weather keep us inside, and when the wind died down it was actually quite nice. We enjoyed sitting on our terrace, watching the waves, toddling in neighbouring town, and walking in the forest.

The forest had a lot of twisty trees that reminded us of the forest where my aunt and uncle used to live. A year ago when we visited my Uncle Al, in his late 80’s, he straddled a bent tree and said it was a horse. Bevan re-created that moment – with a little bit more of the Calgary Stampede Spirit.

Next up – Berlin…… but first a few pics of Tvisled..Tivislee…Téjele….of the Northern seaside area!


Things I learned

1. Don’t eat mushrooms or anything else you happen to find lying around the forest floor.

2. My hair can stand straight up on end without seeing a ghost.

3. Europe isn’t always hot in September.

4. How to pronounce T-i-s-i…..okay, haven’t quite mastered that yet.

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